With a choice of over a 1000 aircrafts throughout the world, how can one be sure of using a secure and well maintained private jet?

Rest assured that all the Private Jet aircrafts are subject to the regular security control performed by professionals of the air transport industry. Security has always been our main priority.

There are different independent bodies that provide aircraft certification and preparedness proof in accordance with the rigorous security and safety standards. These standards not only respect, but also exceed the basic requirements outlined in the JAR-OPS 1 for the charter operation of commercial air transport of passengers, especially with regards to its functioning, maintenance and crew selection. Private Jet meticulously studies, selects and uses these "certified" aircrafts, which therefore possess the highest security level.

Apart from the strict safety and security inspections, there are also high quality maintenance programs that are regularly carried out on all of the Private Jet fleet units, in compliance with the rules and regulations set by ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) and EASA (European Aviation Security Association). Crew members are required to participate in an annual recurrent training and proficiency program to guarantee their up to date knowledge of the aircraft technical specifications and the latest national and European regulations to continue flying.

The experience of every crew member that you meet on board our aircrafts will make you feel with us right at home.